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 Women in Auto Industry Defy Stereotypes at Wheelers

Women in Auto Industry Defy Stereotypes at Wheelers


In what’s often thought of as a male-dominated industry, some women are defying the stereotypes. Learn about two women of Wheelers that joined the team in traditionally male roles:

Hailey Metcalfe began her career at Wheelers on September 10, 2018 as a technician/service writer at the Auto Repair & Tire Center. So far, her experience in the industry has been a positive one.

“I enjoy all the guys I work with, they make me feel like I belong,” she said. “I like hands-on work and enjoy learning new things everyday.”

“Some challenges I face would mostly be looked at by people like ‘a woman really doesn’t know what they are doing’,” she said. Despite the occasional look, overall her experience has been positive. “I would tell young girls that it’s something to get into because then they wouldn’t have to rely on men fixing things for them and it’s a good thing to learn.”

Kasondra “Sam” Torke also began at Wheelers this September as a mechanic for Wisconsin Rapids GMC Buick.

“I really enjoy my job because it’s a great work environment,” she said. “I have a great group of men that I work with who help me learn everyday, and great supervisors always looking out for me.”

Torke said that sometimes people seem nervous to see a young woman working on vehicles, but she isn’t too concerned and would encourage any young woman that’s interested to get into the field.

“What I’d love to tell younger girls thinking of joining the field is ‘Go for it! You can accomplish anything as long as you put the hard work in to get there!’” she said. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t, and if they do – prove them wrong! I did and it all started with one person telling me I’d never be a mechanic… and well, here I am and proud.”

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